Please find below a range of meditations to listen to

Basic Breathing And Sinus/Eye Energising (12 Mins)
Complete Breathing Meditation (15 Mins)
Basic Belly Breathing And Relaxing The Whole Body
Healing Sounds Qigong For The Lungs (14 Mins)
Healing Sounds Qigong Liver (15 Mins)
Liver Sounds Qigong Huji
Inner Smile Meditation Part 1
Rocking The Spine
Spleen Healing Sounds Meditation (13 Mins)
Spleen Meridian Self Massage (2 Mins)
Deep Relaxation Activate Chi Flood Body With Light (20 Mins)
Coloured Light Meditation (14 Mins)
Standing Light Dissolves Blockages Meditation (13 Mins)
Chi Ball Meditation (15 Mins)
Heart Illumination – Clearing Blocked Energy (19 Mins)
Simple Mindful Meditation With Light (17 Mins)
Using the Chiball-Breathwork and Mindfullness-Light Guiding Deep Release
Activate Chi-ball_release blockages_mindfull breathing_release tension_relax
Healing Sounds Qigong For Lungs
The HEART-Clear Blocked Energy using Massage and Light
Smiling into and thanking the glands and organs mindfully

Please find below a selection of videos to watch


Daoist “Healing Sounds” Qigong For Your Liver

Releasing Anger-Energy, Transforming It Into Loving Kindness

Find a quiet place to practice. Sit upright on the front edge of a straight-backed chair, with your feet flat on the floor, directly beneath your knees, or cross-legged.

In Daoist Chi Gung practice, emotions are understood as forms of stuck energy: Like legos, that have been “shaped” in a particular way. We use the healing sounds to break up a particular emotion/shape, so that the energy bound in that shape can once again flow freely.

We’re not “getting rid of” an emotion. We are TRANSFORMING. It’s like composting: using the energy of the emotion (in this case anger/frustration) to “feed” the virtue (in this case, loving-kindness).

If your mind wanders during this practice, no problem. Simply notice that this has happened, and bring yourself back to the practice.

Gently close your eyes. Take a couple of Pranic or belly breaths, releasing any unnecessary tension in your face, jaw, neck & shoulders, then arms, torso legs and feet. Feel your energy settling into your lower abdomen – the lower dantian.

Bring your focus – your conscious attention – to your liver: nestled beneath your lower right ribcage. Smile gently to your liver, as if saying “hello” to it.

Take a deep, smooth, soft inhalation, and as you exhale, make the healing sound Shshsh – like a mother comforting, “shushing” and gently embracing a child who’s having a temper tantrum. Direct the vibration of this sound into your liver, and feel that it is helping the “stuck” emotional energy of anger/frustration to become “unstuck,” i.e. to flow again as simply energy, without a specific name or shape.

Make the Shshsh sound, focusing inside your liver, at least six times – or as often as you like.

Now use the vibration of light to nourish the liver’s virtue of loving-kindness. Exhale completely, and when inhaling, imagine you’re drawing a beautiful emerald-green light into your liver.

“Breathe” this emerald-green healing light in through your nostrils, and mentally direct it to your liver. Alternatively you can “breathe” this healing emerald-green light in through every cell of your skin, directing it to your liver.

Feel your liver opening to receive the gift of this beautiful healing light – as though it were drinking a wonderful nectar, a powerful healing elixir. See your liver beginning to pulse and glow, vibrating with this beautiful emerald-green energy, as if it were actually made of emerald-green light.

With each inhalation, draw into your liver this beautiful emerald-green light. With each exhalation, simply notice the liver’s “virtue” of loving-kindness. This is a quality that already exist within you. We’re simply using a particular frequency of light to nourish it, to invite it to reveal its full splendour to us.

Draw the healing light into your liver for at least six breaths, you can continue for as long as you like.

To end the practice, smile once again down to your liver, and notice how you feel.

There are numerous variations of this practice, some using different sounds. Find one that works best for you! In Pranic healing, its more important to have the intention/will to expell diseased energy.

Six Healing Sounds From “The Secrets Of Chinese Meditation” By Lu K’uan Yu

Spleen – Hu
Heart – Haw
Lungs – Szu
Stomach – Hsi
Liver – Hsu (Shu  jii)
Kidneys – Ch’ui

Thanks to

Cleansing Warmup Exercises

Cleansing Warmup Exercises are designed to efficiently flush dirty energy from head to toe. This sequence comes from Pranic Healing, Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui’s energy healing system.

Don’t force your movements. Postures start with basic Ching-I stance unless stated.

  • Eye Rotations – Head still, roll eyes clockwise (imagine a clock on your body facing outwards) then anti-clockwise 12 X.
  • Horizontal Neck Rotations – Twist head left, then right 12X.
  • Vertical Neck Rotations – Head up, chin back. Continuosly pivot head down and up 12X
  • Downward Hand Flings – Hang and release arms, hands open. Pivoting at elbows, ball fists gently while lifting hands forward. Fling forearms down while opening hands 12X.
  • Hand Looseners – Arms horizontally in front of you, one palm up, one down. Open and close them 12X then reverse palms, repeat 12X (this opens the Laogong points/P8).
  • Wrist Rotations – Arms out in front, palms down, roll wrists around 12X both directions.
  • Shoulder Rolls – Arms reach out horizontally, palms down. Circle arms backwards 12X, reverse motion 12X. Not too fast to strain, not too slow to not feel a stretch.
  • Torso Twist – Arms reach out horizontally, palms down. Twist body 12X left, then right as far as you can without straining, and drop arms at the end of each turn.
  • Shoulder Shrugs – Release and hang arms, drop chin to sternum and shrug shoulders forward, exhaling. Inhale while lifting head and shoulders back 12X.
  • Hip Rotations – Hands on hips, keep knees bent, rotate hips 12X in both directions.
  • Squats – Dip knees squatting a quarter distance only. 100X! Energetically its almost the same as a full squat (do those if you wish). Squats charge the basic chakra (Huijin/Ren-1), regulating your overall level of energy.
  • Knee Rotations – Legs together, palms between bent knees , rotate them 12X each way.
  • Ankle Rotations – Concentrate on your balance and stand on right leg. Lift left leg just a bit off the ground, elongate it, and rotate ankle 12X, then switch.

18 Form Qigong Visualisations For Advanced Practitioners

Tai Chi And Chi Gong Shibashi places emphasis on synchronizing its 18 gentle rolling movements with proper breathing techniques. There is no sitting or standing still. Deep (belly) breathing, using the full extent of the lungs is learned. The simple movements, derived from Yang style Tai Chi, are easy to learn and very beneficial to our health and well-being. While improving circulation, digestion, lung conditions like asthma, it also relieves stress and physical tension. Every joint, tendon and ligament is lightly stretched giving maximum health benefits.

  • Commencing Form – Exhale, lowering arms, grounding thru Yongquan/Kidney-1. Inhaling, Chi descends from dantien to meet & absorb earth Chi, opening Huijin/Ren-1. (Calms the mind)
  • Open The Chest Wide – Same as above. (Strengthens heart & lungs)
  • Bend Arm Overhead Like Rainbow – Extend Chi thru fingertips, swaying them high across the sky. Extend Chi thru back leg, connecting with earth Chi. (triple heater or heart)
  • Swing Arms To Disperse Clouds – Inhale, sink feet into ground gathering fresh Chi. This earthing nrg transforms or absorbs depression or feelings of being unsupported. Exhaling, Heavenly Chi is attracted thru Baihui/GV-20 & flows down the body. (Lung, heart & pericardium channels, clearing the head)
  • Whirl Arms On Both Sides On Fixed Stance – Visualise extending Chi beyond hands, creating arcs of light through the universe. (unblocks/stimulates Qi in Liver & Gall Bladder channel)
  • Rowing On A Lake – Inhaling, raising arms, suck up the power of the ocean through Yongquan, into the kidneys, (keep feeling Chi descend into the ground.) Lowering arms, the ocean’s nrg transforms fear, apprehension or timidity as water drains out. (increases the functioning of kidney & bladder)
  • Hold Up A Ball In Front Of Shoulder – Raising right hand, inhaling, Chi washes up the right side of your body. Lowering, exhale, the wave cleans & heals down the right. (Activates spleen channel)
  • Turn Body And Look Up At The Moon – Feel a connection of plasma light between both palms and right big toe. Root the toe and stretch this elastic nrg as you twist left. Extend Chi into ground through left foot. Then vice versa for the other side. (spleen)
  • Turn Body And Push Palms – Extended hand connects Hegu (LI-4) with lower or middle Dantien, inhaling. Focus on Laogong/P-8, exhaling. Downward hand presses on a springy ball of Chi that reaches the floor. (aids digestion & resistance to weather, defensive Chi)
  • Wave Hands On Horse-Ride Stance – Gaze through your fingers, letting go of focus. Eventually seeing a shadowy outline around them. (Cleanses eyes, calms mind)
  • Scoop Water From The Sea And Look Up At The Sky – Raising hands, imagine clear water (if hot) or warm fine sand (if not), being sucked up through Yongquan/Kidney-1 into legs, filling entire body. This absorbs and transforms tensions, pain, anger etc. Water or sand floods out through soles deep into earth, exhaling, being replaced with fresh stuff on next inhalation. (Strengthens heart & lungs, reduces depression)
  • Move Back And Forth Like Waves – Stand your ground firmly as you pull the sea towards you, loosening, cooling and transforming tensions and anxieties. Pushing, the wave returns through your back, continuing the process. Eventually, change intent on absorbing the power of the sea as you draw it in and out. (increases kidney & bladder function)
  • The Pigeon Spreads Its Wings – Opening, pull Chi from Danzong (Ren-17), spiralling out into a large bubble of Chi whilst extending Chi through back foot, deeply connecting with Earth Chi. Let Chi bubble disperse and radiate to all beings. Then gather in your Chi ball fully imbued with fresh Chi when closing arms (also on finishing.) (heart & lungs)
  • Extend Arms And Thrust Fists – Plasma light Chi connection between Hegu (LI-4) and lower Dantien, stretching and compacting whilst thrusting fist. (same as for Ex. 9)
  • The Wild Goose Flies In The Air – Moving arms, feel they are much larger, like wings of Chi, that absorb Heaven Chi and Earth Chi as they flap up and down.(strengthens lungs, reduces depression)
  • Circle Arms Like Flywheels – Elongate Chi through hands. As they swirl up, connect them to Heaven Chi, down, Earth Chi. Connect & join with positive nrg around you. (Improves energy by helping to eliminate waste from bowels, liver & kidney)
  • Mark Time And Bounce A Ball – Raising hand, feel a cord of light nrg connecting Laogong/P-8 with Yongquan (K-1). Ground deeply with standing foot, connecting with Earth Chi.(increases coordination, stimulates right brain left brain harmonisation)
  • Press Palms To Calm Down – Inhale, raising hands whilst connecting with Heaven Chi (rooting firmly!), letting it flow through Bahui/GV-20 into Dantien. Exhaling, continue the flow of Chi down legs, interacting with the upward flow of Chi coming from Rooting. (Calms the mind and consolidates the benefits of the previous exercises)

Carry The Moon Qigong Exercise

Great for your spine and rejuvenating your body. Find a reasonably calm place and turn off your phone. Find and sink your breath, tongue on the palate, relax. Do 10 – 15 repeats, more as you get familiar with it.

  • Stand less wide than hip width, toes point sideways slightly.
  • Stick the thumbs out sideways, keep your palms and fingers open and lightly stretched during the whole exercise.
  • Roll your head, arms and shoulders down at a comfortable level in front of you, dangling and relaxing them.
  • Inhaling slowly and steadily, use your knees with the pelvis as a wedge to slowly lift your upper body, straightening up with the arms and fingers pointing up above your head.
  • Arch your torso and arms backwards with your hips counterbalancing forwards.
  • Hold your breath for 3 seconds or 3 counts while gently stretching and bending the arch.
  • Straighten up, exhaling, still with the arms and fingers up.
  • Continue breathing out slowly, while the crown of your head stays up, lowering your arms slowly along the sides of your body.
  • Repeat these movements and add the visualisations.


On Inhaling

Light streams in via your bottom as you bend, illuminating your spine, and flows out the crown of your head.

On Exhaling

Light flows down in a double wave from a bright light ball above your head. First cleansing, then healing, as it goes through your crown, down the centre of your body, and out the legs deeply into the ground.

Lifting The Sky Qigong Exercise

Great for your energy flow. Find a reasonably calm place and turn off your phone.

Find and sink your breath, tongue on the palate, relax.

Belly breathing, rooting, tongue on the palate.

Don’t force your movements. Remember the 80% Daoist rule. Let go of thought.

  • Stand straight with your feet together, but not too tightly.
  • Females tap belly button 8X with the right hand, drop hand.
  • Then tap crown 6X with left hand, drop hand.
  • Males use the opposite hands.
  • Hold arms straight down, then bend wrists with palms facing the ground, finger tips pointing at each other.
  • Inhale and look down at the hands, follow the backs of your hands with your eyes as you raise them slowly, gradually, above your head with the arms still gently stretched, neck lightly bent, gazing through the hands.
  • Elongate the whole body, while ”lifting the sky” with your palms, holding your breath for 3 counts or 3 seconds.
  • Lower arms sideways along your body, releasing them with the whole body relaxing while exhaling.
  • The head gradually looks ahead, emit a sighing sound of release and comfort.
  • The hands and wrists straightening, then rest by your side as you finish.
  • During the whole lowering of arms, visualise light and try feeling Chi/Life force Energy flowing from the heavens into your open crown energy centre (Bahui), pouring into the body and out the legs and feet into the ground.
  • The flow of light while you relax your body downwards from top to toe at the same time feels great.

Start with 10 repeats, then build it up to 15 or 20 a day.

Baduanjin Or 8 Form Brocade

8 Pieces of Brocade was created by General Yueh Fei in the 12th century.

Its an ancient form of healthy and Chi energy stimulating exercise. Chi Gung has been around for a long time. Some say 2000, but it has been traced back 5000 years!

  • Supporting the sky with two hands
  • Drawing the bow to the left and right
  • Lifting one arm
  • Looking backward
  • Killing heart fire by rotating head and body
  • Raising the heels seven times
  • Punching with tiger eyes
  • Holding the feet with two hands

Sabre Form

  • Opening Stance sabre in left hand, rest mode
  • Make fist with right hand at hip level, look left, R. toes turn L
  • Turn W & L. foot steps W, sabre hand hits with pummel
  • R. foot steps W, R. fist punches W.
  • R. foot steps back, R. hand above head, L. hand by L. thigh. (this is called ‘Crane spreads its wings’)
  • L. foot steps, L. hand raises, R. hand lowers and takes over sabre in attack mode (blade forward).
  • R. foot kicks with toe. L Hand points at sabre tip, R hand has sabre pointing forward, forming a 3 pronged attack in front of you.
  • R foot steps, sabre handle tucks into hip turning the blade around.
  • L foot steps, waist faces forward so L hand brushes L knee and sabre thrusts forward.
  • R hand swishes up, across and down, chopping on your L side with L hand pushing down on back of blade while preparing for a step.
  • R foot steps, R hand draws blade up before you, head height with L hand still supporting back of blade (“Open the fan”)
  • (R step back) Raise hands
  • (L step) Open the fan
  • Turn E
  • Stand on L F thrust RH, E
  • Place R F
  • L step, sabre cuts down R side.
  • R step Brush L knee push forward
  • Turn torso L with arms pressing down L side.
  • L step fair lady throws shuttle
  • Turn torso R with sabre behind head.
  • Face SW, thrust, L leg up.
  • Step NE with L leg, single whip.
  • Sit back, circle head with sabre, take 2 steps, cutting diagonally.
  • RF out, LF steps E. Press palms.
  • LF in, turn W, brush R knee, push forward
  • Lift RF, return, brush R knee, push forward.
  • Step SW with LF, Fair lady throws shuttle
  • Return to W with LF, Press palms.
  • Turn 180 , brush R knee, push forward.
  • Lift RF, return, brush R knee, push forward.
  • Step NE with LF, Fair lady throws shuttle
  • RF out, LF steps E. Press palms.
  • Turn 180 , brush R knee, push forward.
  • Face turns E for snake creeps in the grass.
  • Face S, golden rooster stands on L leg, sabre down.
  • Jump on the spot, change leg (pabo), sabre up.
  • change sabre hand, toe kick slapping with RH.

Yang Style Tai Chi Moves Part One

  • Preparatory Form.
  • Commencing Form, rooting.
  • Commencing Form, bend knees.
  • Turn torso left (N-W) makes a Low Slap To Left with RH Shift Weight to Left Foot, move Right Foot 45º, holding ball. SW to Right Foot step out Left Foot at shoulder width.
  • Grasp the Sparrow’s Tail (N). Left Hand is chest height, Shift Weight to Right Foot; Left Foot moves 45º, turn east, step (E) with Right Foot.
  • Grasp the Sparrow’s Tail (E). Right Hand chest height; sit back, drop Right & Left Hand, turn waist leftwards. Ward Off to the left, bring them back up. Press Hands, Clean Hands, Rollback, (ie press palms down and then up and Push Up).
  • Single Whip (W).
  • Raise Hands, step up (toward north). Turn torso westward (defend left side).
  • Step out Right Foot, (sideways, towards the north) with right elbow. Turn torso westward using arms to defend. Shift torso to the right.
  • White Crane Spreads its Wings, Right Hand above temple, torso moves hands to the south then north.
  • Brush (left) Knee and Push Forwards, half step (W).
  • Hands strum the lute.
  • Brush (left) Knee and Push Forwards.
  • Brush (right) Knee and Push Forwards.
  • Brush (left) Knee and Push Forwards, half step (W).
  • Hands strum the lute.
  • Brush (left) Knee and Push Forwards.
  • Twist Step. Sit back onto Left Foot, Right Foot steps up & down in front, with a low kick. Deflecting downwards with right fist, left palm slaps forward while turning torso (do not turn the hips).
  • Step with Left Foot; twist fist Right Hand inwards, Parry and Punch.
  • Clean Hands (Apparent close-up); twist (N) return east, pushing.
  • Cross Hands.

Begin by facing “North’. Names of moves are underlined.

(S-W), (N), etc. means Southwest, North and so on.

The postures are from an old Yang style Kwong Ko Sifu showed me in Amsterdam.

This list is personal and for my students.

“Healing Sounds” Meditation for Your Spleen

Find a reasonably calm place and turn off your phone.

Find and sink your breath, tongue on the palate, relax.

The spleen is above your stomach on your left side, by the lower ribs.

  • Sit upright comfortably, head elevated, release your body from top to toe.
  • Exhale with your eyes open
  • Inhale, move your hands out sideways, forwards and then back into your tummy
  • Smile into the spleen and stomach
  • Imagine you are surrounded by a yellow mist, you breathe this mist in and out.
  • Direct the bright yellow mist into the spleen, cleaning out any congested energy and breathing it out with your exhale.
  • The yellow mist becomes bright yellow light, illuminating and strengthening the spleen.
  • With each exhale, release old Chi with a HOOOO SOUND
  • Once this is going easily, think of releasing the following unfavourable emotions; worry, obsessiveness, lamenting, repetitive and over- thinking.
  • Name any of these emotions a few times if they remotely exist. They become pure energy in the form of yellow light and the HOOO sound.
  • Then think of the following favourable emotions or virtues as you inhale; Openess, receptiveness & fairness.
  • Strenghten their image and emotions or even the words as an image in the spleen.
  • Move the hands onto the thighs with palms up.
  • The consolidating part of this meditation is becoming aware of a calm spleen, smiling into it and thanking it for its work defending the body from pathogens and creating natural antibiotics. Also thank and smile into the stomach and abdomen.

Nourishing The Kidneys Qigong Exercise

Even if you don’t need more virility or fertility, this Qigong exercise provides overall vivacity and gusto as well as looking after your kidney.

  • Feet fairly close together, think of the Yongquan/Kidney-1 points a few seconds, legs relatively straight.
  • Touch your toes or as near as possible without straining, exhaling. Simultaneously visualise chi flowing from the Perineum (Huijin/Ren-1) to the Crown (Baihui/Governing Vessel Meridian-20), along your spine.
  • Pause for 2-3 secs.
  • Visualise/focus Chi at the Laogong/Pericardium-8 (centre of the palms, which connects to our heart), and raise your torso (use the knees/hips), inhaling.
  • Then place your palms on the Kidneys, lightly arching the back. Exhale slowly with a sizzling sound, teeth close together. Simultaeously visualise Chi from palms moving into the Kidneys, energising them.
  • Then visualise your Chi energy flowing to the Bladder and Sex Organs, energising them while you straighten up and drop your hands, inhaling.

Repeat this exercise at least 10X.

Connecting Your Kan (Water) And Li (Fire) Or Heart And Kidney Energy

Here is a technique that you can use to connect your heart energy with your kidney energy to achieve one of the most harmonious conditions according to I Ching (Yi Jing), namely jì jì.

Many of our sicknesses are caused by the kidney energy not being able to communicate with the heart energy. This technique is very effective against degenerative diseases and chronic illnesses, especially high blood pressure, diabetics and insomnia. The best part about this technique is that it is very simple to learn.

At the centre of our palms, there is an acupoint called Lao Gong which connects to our heart. At the bottom of our feet, about one-third the distance from the webs of the toes to the heel (see diagram), there is another acupoint called Yong Quan that connects to our kidney system. The Lao Gong and Yong Quan make up the four biggest gateways which connect our internal qi to the energy present in our environment.

Technique to Connect your Heart and Kidney Energy:

  • Sit on a chair or on the floor cross legged.
  • Close your eyes.
  • Relax your mind and body.
  • Breathe deeply for at least one minute.
  • Try to listen to your heart beat at the same time.
  • Slowly open your eyes and look slightly downward.
  • Males and females will begin the exercise with different feet. Males: Put your right foot on your left thigh. Females: Put your left foot on your right thigh.
  • Males: Put your right hand on your right ankle Females: Put your left hand on your left ankle.
  • Males: Hit your right Yong Quan (foot) with your left Lao Gong 300 times. You should focus on counting in your head when you do this.
    Females: Hit your left Yong Quan (foot) with your right Lao Gong 300 times. You should focus on counting in your head when you do this.
  • Return your foot back to its original position.
  • Repeat steps 7-10 switching feet. i.e., Males should continue the exercise in the female’s position while females should continue the exercise in the male’s position.
  • Close your eyes.
  • Breathe deeply for at least one minute.

Things to keep in mind:

Mentally, hit your foot as hard as you can. But physically the force should be just like clapping your hands.

The pace of hitting should follow your own heart rate. This is about 72 hits/minute for most people.

Keep the counts in your mind; it is a good way to train your mind power as well.

Do the above exercise at least twice a day.

If you are in good health, hitting the Yong Quan 300 times on each side is enough.

If you have some conditions that you want to improve, increase the count at 100 per week to a maximum of 900 hits per side. i.e.

1st week – 300 on each side
2nd week – 400 on each side
3rd week – 500 on each side
7th week – 900 on each side

Since this technique opens your Yong Quan, you will find that you will build a deeper connection with the earth’s qi when practicing qigong. Thus, you may treat it as part of your warm up exercise for your moving or standing qigong.

Daoist Healing Sounds Meditation for your Lungs



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I’ve been learning Tai Chi now for a year and find the benefits have been growing over that time. My job is stressful and and regular practise of my tai chi has helped give me more energy in general and can really wake me up after a hectic day. Tai Chi has also helped my posture: I not only feel taller now, but my back problems have eased as well. Above all it has made me more aware of myself, my health and my energy potential!



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