Advanced Clearing With Light Using Your Chi-Ball

Tai Chi

Duration: 12 Mins

What You Will Do: This meditation is for the more experienced students. It’s taken for granted that you know various terms and techniques used in Qigong and Meditation. We will go about mindfully releasing the body and then activating your chi-ball. Then start visualising light in your chi-ball before we get down to it.

The guided Meditation helps you to Work your chi-ball light energy thoroughly through the body for healing and cleansing. Used are ancient techniques for releasing blockages in the body which is then gradually visualised full of light energy for the healing and replenishing of your mind body and soul. Then it is rounded off with a deep release for the eyes and sinuses and rubbing or patting down the whole of the body to stimulate all of the skin.

From The Album: Visualisation Meditations

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