Complete Breathing

Tai Chi

Duration: 18 Mins

What You Will Do: A detailed guided meditation helping to understand beyond belly breathing. I call it “Complete Breathing”. It explains the muscle and air movements in the whole torso. It helps me release tension in the chest and back, just by breathing deep-fully and mindfully. Like an inner self massage. Rounds off with a deep release for the eyes and sinuses.

From The Album: Breathing Techniques

All the Guided Meditations in this album are about “Breath-work”, which is a translation of Qigong. How to gain the most from just breathing. The breath would be the most important part of all practise. Its important to get it right. In this Album are several helpful instructions on how to improve that which we can’t do without and which our body keeps going during our lifetime.

Many Yogi’s have said that we breathe a fixed amount of times in our lifetime, so it’s important to make the most of them!

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