Daoist “Healing Sounds” Qigong for the Liver
Releasing anger-energy, transforming it into loving kindness


Find a quiet place to practice. Sit upright on a straight-backed chair, with your feet flat on the floor, directly beneath your knees, or cross-legged.
In Daoist Qigong practice, emotions are understood as forms of energy: This energy can be flowing, or tangled like a ball of string. We use the healing vibration of sounds and colours to untangle a particular emotion whose energy is stuck, so this blocked energy can flow again.
The stagnant emotions are TRANSFORMED, not exorcised. It’s like composting, dissolving the energy of a repetitive/stuck emotion, in this case anger/frustration, to “feed” the virtue in this case, loving-kindness and generosity.
If your mind wanders during this practice, no problem. Simply notice that this has happened, and bring yourself back to the practice.
Gently close your eyes. Take a couple of complete belly breaths, releasing any unnecessary tension in your face, jaw, neck & shoulders, then arms, torso, legs and feet. Feel your energy settling into your lower abdomen – the lower dantian.
Bring your focus or conscious attention, to your liver: it’s inside your lower right ribcage. Place your left hand over it. Smile gently into your liver, acknowledging your body part.
Inhale smoothly and softly, then, as you exhale, make the healing sound Shuu jeee deeply within– focus the shuu jee sound inside your liver.

Direct the vibration of this sound into your liver, and feel that it is helping the “stuck” emotional energy of anger and/or frustration to become “unstuck,” i.e. becoming unblocked, loose, flowing as simply energy once again.
Repeat at least six times – or as often as you like.

Exhale fully, then inhale, imagine you’re drawing beautiful emerald-green light into your liver.
“Breathe” this emerald-green healing light in through your nostrils, and mentally direct it to your liver. Later you can “breathe” this healing emerald-green light in through every cell of your skin, directing it to your liver.
Feel your liver opening and receiving this powerful green healing light.

Visualise your liver beginning to pulse and glow, vibrating with the frequency of bright green light, creating a hollow, bright open space.
Now use the vibration of light to nourish the liver’s virtue of loving-kindness by breathing in the feeling, words or image of loving kindness and generosity into your liver a few times.

With each inhalation, draw this beautiful emerald-green light into your liver, noticing the liver’s “virtue” of loving-kindness.

With each exhalation, simply release any remnants of of blocked anger/frustration.

Draw the healing light into your liver for at least six breaths, you can continue for as long as you like.

Consolidate your practise by smiling into your liver again, and thanking your organ for its blood filtering work three times. Then notice how you feel, relax a little, and drink some water.

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